Shoreline Restoration Services

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Convert Your Shoreline Into a Functional Landscape in Bemidji & Leonard, MN

Do you want to convert your shoreline into a functional landscape? Kosel Services of Bemidji, MN has extensive knowledge and experience to turn even the most battered and corroded shoreline into a usable part of your landscape.

With our help, your property will be safeguarded from soil erosion and further water damage that may occur with other shoreline restoration techniques.

Enjoy a Shoreline Full of Life and Beauty

Take advantage of our high-quality shoreline restoration services to minimize the negative effects of erosion. One of the ways we accomplish this is by adding 10-foot by 12-inch logs to your shoreline. Plants are then planted in the logs, and as the plantings root, the logs become a stable part of your shoreline's landscape.

Let us help you build a shoreline full of life and beauty. Contact us today to get started!